Help with resume: big gap due to taking care of dying parent… and overall feedback, please

I need help with my resume, please. I have a long gap due to leaving two jobs as my father got sick and ultimately passed away. I’ve sent countless resumes over the last 3 months with no traction whatsoever. Feedback on the wording on the gaps I’ve had, my leaving to take care of my dad, and also overall feedback, would be amazing. THANK YOU!!

Very sorry to hear about your father.
Is it necessary to explain gaps on a resume? It can be answered if they ask.
Some people recommend shortening to a page or two at most.

You’re the best son for your parents and they have raised a amazing human being.

With this good karma, you will get back 100X times for rest of your life for sure.

Some personal questions

  1. How old are you ?

  2. At what age do you wish to retire ?

  3. Did you already met your financial goals ?

  4. Do you’ve post retirement plan/s ready ?

e.g. I’m 44 old Indian family guy and wish to retire from IT by 50.

Later rest of my life wants to work on affordable, best quality education for kids in my region.


Sorry, maybe I’m missing it. How do those personal questions help me with my resume??

I’m sorry for your loss :pray:, there’s a number of employers that are guided to not judge any gaps in resumes due to external circumstances such as this one.

In regards to what most employers do care about would be the following:

  • your resume should be 1 page, there’s basically no circumstances where you need or want 2 pages. The moment a hiring manager (or any automated system used to check your resume) see’s its more than one page they will skip you for not being concise enough.
  • You shouldn’t have your gap on your resume, its not relevant for any job unless you are applying for a job where you care for other people.
  • any job you had 5+ years ago can be left off most of the time, as its more or less not immediately relevant. If you want to keep more jobs on their, just keep your title and period. Since you want to keep your resume to 1 page, it could be difficult
  • descriptions for companies are not important, only your role and impact is.

I can’t give much beyond that since I don’t know:

  • your actual background
  • what jobs you are applying for

You seem to have found a good solution for the gap. You have a typo of an = instead of -, though. Here’s a similar gap example:
It’s a good master resume – save it to your drive as Master Resume or something. But it should only be 1 or 2 pages max; each role has too many bullet points. Copy-paste into an AI assistant and ask it to condense 7 bullet points down to the most important 3 or 4 bullets, (consolidating duplicative mentions of a certain skill/task)
Also, add some quantitative accomplishments, like % of sales boost YoY or $$ revenue increase.
Lastly, I don’t see coding or programming on there anywhere, that is really no bueno… If you don’t have coding experience, add a “Projects” section at the top.