Help With Technical Documentation

Hi Guys. I’m having a little issue with my Technical Doc.

Firstly, I’ve made my Nav-Bar and 5 work but the last 2 don’t and I can’t figure out why. I copy and pasted the code from the others that work fine.

Secondly, my Nav-Bar Header test isn’t working and I also can’t figure out why :sweat_smile: cheers for the advice.

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Hi @Doomdave.
The reason the last two links in the header doesn’t work is 'cause of incorrect href target. I mean, in the link’s href, you gave this value:

<a href="#Types_Of_Books"
<a href="#Helpful_Links"

Now, in the section you actually targeted has the same id attribute set up., but it is in lowercase. Remember that id name are case sensitive:

<section class="main-section" id="types_of_books"> // id not capitalized
<section class="main-section" id="helpful_links"> // id not capitalized

I think the reason the header test is not passing is because the last section element does’nt have any closing </section> tag.

There are many errors in your HTML code. Conside analyzing it by clicking on the “Analyze HTML” button which is available by clicking on the down arrow in the HTML box.

I suggest you use codepen analyzer, because there are some errors there that needs fixing.

For example, first test that fails is because when you close your <nav> you use </navbar>. Going through errors thrown by codepen analyzer will help you a lot :wink:

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Thank you for the replies guys. All worked what you suggested. I also didn’t know that the Analyse Code option was there, so that’s also helped. The code is defiantly tidied up now haha

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