Technical document, can anyone please help?

I have tried it alone but without any success. Nav-links seems to be my main stumbling block. Can you guys look at my project and advise accordingly? Your input is highly appreciated. This is my link:

Respect case-sensitive rules. For example, “How_to_run_javaScript” and “How_to_run_JavaScript” are different.

Hi Tsar,

The nav-link href needs to be equal to “#”. In other words, if the section id=“Tools_you_need”, the nav-link href should be “#Tools_you_need”.

If you misspell or miscapitalize the href, the link will not work.

Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work you are doing guys. I appreciate your input dearly.

Hi larrytooley
I have gone through correcting as per your advice but only a few have responded. I am trying to figure out where exactly am I faltering. Thanks once again for pointing it out, you just made my day. That is awesome!

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I just checked and it looks like the first couple links work but there are still a few that are working correctly. Every link in the navbar should send work.

Hi Tsar,

Looks like The following are still not working:

  • Your_first_JavaScript_code
  • Commenting_in_javascript
  • Scope
  • Let and Const Keywords
  • JavaScript Operators
  • Control Flow

Again, pay attention to capitalization and ensure that your id’s match your href’s. You are almost there. :+1:

To larrytooley,
I have painstakingly gone thru paying particular attention to what you said, and guess what? Only three are still to respond.
What I have discovered though is that connectivity network is not so good therefore the corrections I make appear to have been appended on my side when in actual fact the server hasn’t done so. This kind of gives me a torrid time.

Thanks most graciously for the effort and input you gave me I treasure it most dearly.

Once again keep up the splendid work you do I really appreciate it. Thank you, thank you and thank you a million times. GOD bless!