Help with Wes Bos Javascript 30 challenge

Hey guys. I’m a noob and need some help. If anyone has done the Wes Bos JS30 challenge you input would be awesome! So i’m just trying to get started. He provides all the starter files in a github account. I’m trying to understand how to get the sound files. I’m not too familiar with github. I have found the raw contents of the html and css files and have simply copy and pasted in sublime text. Now i need to get the sounds files but the i have no clue how to link to them when they are only found on the github page. I think i read another reddit post that says he simply git cloned the github file and he had everything on his computer. Should i do that and if so how do i do that? Any input appreciated.


You should learn git and how to clone repositories. However, if you just want to get the files down to your computer, then you can click on the Clone/Download button and select Download Zip. It will download the file to a place where downloads typically go on your computer and then you can unzip the file into a directory where you can open the files with Sublime.

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yah as Randell said you should be able to bulk download the files if you need them…

as a side note a few fCC people are building a simple webpage to get practice using git and GitHub… feel free to practice yer git-fu if you want. the first post has links to some git info to help you get started forking and cloning etc… and a youtube intro by the DevTips people

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