Here's what happens when you keep at a side project!

TLDR: The FCC community’s encouragement helped me make a side project that got popular and is providing a lot of value.

Hey guys,

Earlier this year, I posted a daily devblog here about my life as a FE developer in a startup.

During the posts, I mentioned a little tool I was making to generate Selenium tests for me. I decided to stop blogging in my spare time and focus solely on making this tool, now called SnapTest. It was HARD work, because I was the only one making it and it was very technically challenging. After 4 months of late nights (and my wife worrying about my lack of sleep), I released it to the world a couple days ago!

SnapTest EXPLODED in popularity a couple days ago in a [reddit post here!!!] ( It felt so good to provide value to other people’s lives.

I want to say thank you to everyone who encouraged me during the devblog phase, which gave me the confidence to share my work more to the public. Also, keep at your side project if you believe in it. It will pay dividends - both in joy and maybe even money :smiley:


That’s awesome to see that your project was successful - keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing everyone’s future projects :slight_smile:

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Yea, I’ve known quite a few people from FCC who’ve either made cool products or landed great jobs - Great place to grow!

This is absolutely incredible!!! Your hard work is paying off, you must be so proud…

Now get a good nights sleep before you make your wife sick with worry hehe!! Really…very encouraging and your excitement is infectious! :smiley: