Examples of what I do every day as a front-end developer (with 5 years experience)

I hope you can learn a bit about front-end development from my dev blog here!

Please let me know what you guys think!

Note: There’s a reply below that is a small survey for doing a livestream . Please “like” it if you would want one.


I may be slow but…is there only one post for now?

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Yea, just one at the moment. I’ll be writing them every day or two. As I go, I’ll elaborate a bit more on our stack and the unique challenges of the industry. Hopefully it’ll give some people a useful perspective on what it’s like to work at this type of company as a front-end dev.

Cool, looking forward to it.

@ozymandias547, is FCC’s current curriculum indicative of what you do on a daily basis?

@ver2point0 Yea! it looks very relevant.

I have to say, front-end coding is a great way to break into the job market - and is a gateway to even more advanced technologies. I myself am self-taught after finding out my previous career was a dead end, and using FCC’s curriculum would’ve been a great asset.


A couple new posts ya’ll! Getting into the weeds on some of them. Please let me know what you think if you have a chance.


Could FCC students obtain gainful employment with just the front-end cert?

@ver2point0 I’ll go through it this evening and get back to you on that.


do you work for a telecom or embeded-sys or ???

Not a telecom company directly… but we have our hands in a lot of telecom stuff. Essentially, we try to easily accomodate connecting a device to the internet through any means possible… and one of those ways is with a SIM card that we provide, so we have partnerships with telecom companies.

We make hardware as well, so a bit of embedded systems. Basically, we make little devices to hook up to the internet easily (and as cheaply as possible). Basically, it’s to make IoT really easy so people can go out and make cool products faster and build a company around it.


any WIFI type systems?

Right now to get all wifi/bluetooth/cellular connectivity, you have to go with a device like a raspberry pie and a sim modem.

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I am looking to mess around with some WIFI enabled tech for a personal project/experiment,…

any ideas, maybe from the engineering staff?

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So could you reach out on intercom at https://hologram.io/ ? Our guy, Ryan, can help you with that. We have some kits and stuff you could try out.

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@ver2point0 Dude, FCC material rocks… I went through a lot of the content last night, and immediately got jealous that I didn’t have this when I was learning. This is like w3schools on awesome steroids. One other thing that I had when first getting into it was a cousin in the industry giving me topics to study as well (along with his recommendation). I’m gonna link it up, but keep in mind that this was 5 years ago, and stuff changes: https://notehub.org/lfv0k


Another post for ya’ll! Talking about “introspection” today. Let me know if it doesn’t make sense.

I like how you detailed your thought process for your introspection post. Without knowing anything about it, I was able to follow it and understand what you were doing.


Appreciate the feedback. Hope it helps.

This is brilliant. I like how I get “peek over your shoulder” as you do Front-end work.

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