Heroku loading time

I’ve noticed that there is always about a 5 to 10 second load time whenever I first load an app hosted on heroku. This has me concerned that potential employers will see this as an inefficient app. I understand that heroku will turn off apps after a period of inactivity, but is there a way to keep it on? Does anyone know any free hosting alternatives?

I have also noticed that Heroku can be slow and share your concerns. I haven’t moved my projects anywhere else, but I have noticed that AWS does offer a free tier that may be worth looking into.

Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure both offer free plans that give you a lot of options and are pretty easy to get started with.

I don’t know much about Azure but I have been looking extensively at AWS, although part of me is afraid that I might accidentally exceed the limits of the free tier.

I wouldnt worry about it, i used it for a year and never was charged a penny.