Leave apps running on heroku?

Hey there everyone =)

I just started with the Backend Certificate path and am now wondering how you guys handle your apps. Since I don’t really like C9 I’m developing locally and deploying the finished app to Heroku (which works pretty well).
But the question is now:

Should I leave it running there or not?

With Codepen you don’t have to decide, since your pens “run” all the time without cost, but on Heroku Free, you only have so many of those “Free Dynos”. What are your experiences with Heroku and their free plan? Is it enough to have all backend projects running?

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Your apps go to sleep automatically after x minutes. They only start again when someone makes a request. So it should be enough for the backend projects.


That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. I read that they would sleep after a while but didn’t know whether Search Engine Bots etc. might be enough to keep those apps awake and eat up those “dynos”.

Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

You can check the amount of free dyno hours that you have used this month on Heroku.

I have to say that those projects are accessed more often than I would expect. About 3 hours a project (average of 4 projects) this month only.

Okies, that sounds… worrying? ;D Well I guess I’ll have to check on them dynos a little more than I hoped I would.

Thanks again :slight_smile: