How to Submit Challenges

I’m trying to figure out how to host the challenge solutions. I have most of the front and back end challenges completed but I’m having trouble deploying. The result is that they’ve all been sitting here for a year and I’m not closer to finding a job though I have been learning.

It looks like Heroku is $7 per project so that’d be $133 to launch all of my projects. That way too high for me. How are you guys doing it? I can’t use codepen because I need to hide the API tokens. I like Now but the > 1 minute delay on initial load is no good. Glitch looks pretty good but I’m hoping for something else because it’s hard for me to copy / paste everything into the browser and I can’t get the github integration to work.

Thanks in advance.

Many people use the free heroku services, glitch, or GitHub pages.

I’m registered with Heroku but on their pricing page it looks like it’s $7 monthly if you have more than one project. I’m hoping to deploy all of the FCC challenges needing API keys on the platform so that’s where I got the $133 from. I’m willing to spend but I don’t have that much cash monthly.

Unless they recently changed their politics, which I believe they don’t, you can have a s many apps as you want on heroku on a free basis, you are only limited to a certain amount of monthly hours for your projects to be “active” (heroku puts your apps to sleep when they have no activity).

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I don’t understand. The free tier puts your apps to sleep doesn’t it? Great for dev but I wouldn’t be able to submit my projects. I assume someone evaluates the running code but if I don’t spin it up beforehand how can they? Looking at this it seems I’d need to be in the $25 tier which is WAY more than I can spend (19 projects).

My personal server is on Digital Ocean. Is it acceptable to keep my FCC projects at different routes? It’d be a shared backend in that instance so I don’t know if that’s acceptable to FCC.

The only requirements are that the projects be live and that the source code be viewable. Just provide a link to the live project and another one to the repo.

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The app gets activated again as soon as someone hits it (it doesn’t have to be you, just anyone trying to access your app), so it’s no problem, the only thing is that it takes around 15-20 secs to get the app running again, but most probably the guy evaluating your work already knows.

So, to summarize, you can perfectly use Heroku free tier to get your projects evaluated.


In case the other answers didn’t answer the questions fully, I’ll reiterate.

  • You can host your project anywhere as long as it has a link. Digital Ocean would work fine.
  • You can use Heroku for free, freeCodeCamp in no way wants people to pay $200 a month, that is ridiculous.
  • You do not have to restart Heroku apps, the page will load fine, it will just take about 15 seconds longer.
  • If for some reason you need something else, check out It is free for all your needs, and it is what freeCodeCamp will be using in the future.

Thanks. Truly, thanks a lot.

I cannot tell you how dumb I felt (almost everyone says Heroku) not knowing the app auto-restarts like that. Heroku it is.

Never feel dumb for asking a question. If you were confused, it’s a fair bet that other people are too.