Hi campers this is my tribute page and some history of me on this coding journey

Hello campers,
it has been long since i stop coding due to an avoidable life circumstances.
I started FCC coding callenges on october last year and i finished HTML and CSS challenges and managed to do a simple tribute page though its not so much appealing to me since i did not use many CSS features. I failed to start the tribute page on continuing with the challenges for more than 3 months now. Sometimes i feel like quiting the industry due to the situation am in. Kindly share with me some advice.
Also this is the simple page i made. your sugestions will help alot

Thank you so much

Looks good,
I would add a little padding so your text is a bit away from the edge and justify the content to the left rather than centered just to make for easier reading.
code looks good and clean
good job
glad you came back to it, learning new skills always pays off.

Thank you so much i appreciate you feedback alot