Hi guys, here another issue with the meme Generator

This my memeHero.jsx, when i try to write the code to add random pics of memes the screen dissapier

import './MemeHero.css'
import memesData from './memesData'

function MemeHero(){
const [memeImage, setMemeImage] = React.useState("")    
function getMemeImage() {
    const memesArray = memesData.data.memes
    const randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * memesArray.length)

        <div className='form'>
         <input type="text" placeholder='Top text' className='form--Input'/>
         <input type="text" placeholder='Bottom text' className='form--Input'/>
         <button className='form--Button' onClick={getMemeImage} >Get a new Meme</button>
        <img src={memeImage} />

export default MemeHero

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What do you mean, “the screen disappears”.

I would want you to add in before the return statement:

console.log('memesArray', memesArray)
console.log('memesImage', memesImage)

I’d also want to see what errors you might be getting in the console.

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I found that i need define React in MemeHero. thank you

Yes, you should have import React from 'react' in any file that has JSX. Most people have a linter set up that would catch that.

Just an FYI, that isn’t true anymore. Not since React 17

  • With the new transform, you can use JSX without importing React.

@franciscomonellole If you do this React.useState you obviously do have to have React imported. But most people just import the hook they need directly.

import { useState } from 'react';

// Example use
const [count, setCount] = useState(0);

Hmm, news to me. That doesn’t seem to be the case with React Native, using React 17 - it still makes me import. Hmmm. At least the linter screams if I leave it off.

Yeah, it crashes, too. But I guess it’s no longer needed for plain React. Cool, good to know.

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