Holy overwhelming insanity!

I understand this is supposed to be difficult. I did the lessons all the way up to the first project in I believe 4 days, and it was almost entirely a breeze. But. This first project…truly fully 100 percent lost. Not even sure how to begin, I keep inspecting other people’s and seeing where to begin but I am A) an idiot B) totally not understanding this codepen format and C) feeling like from the previous lessons to this project is about the size of the Pacific. Am I the only one that quite literally can’t figure out the first thing to write, or am I just being a wuss and need to just start throwing poop at the wall?!

read carefully the first user story, what does it say? does it mention a particular element, id or class?
what could you write to satisfy it?

this is where you start learning - the estimated time for each project is equal to the estimated time for all the challenges

:frowning: oh man. I’ll just go for it, to be honest I don’t know what you mean

you are given a list of user stories to satisfy, what’s the first one?

Oh oh oh id=main! Does it make more sense to focus on the html as much as possible and then go back through and mess with CSS then? I was assuming, and I don’t know why, but you’d fill out as much CSS before doing html. I thank you much for responding, I apologize if this is the improper way to address an issue. Also, I wasn’t logged into the pen page because I had to switch to Chrome and even the 2 minute tutorial it gave me after logging in helped clear a bunch up for me.

be sure to fork the pen you are given (fork button is in the bottom righr corner), so the pen with the test suite is copied to your account, and you can save your work