Horizontal Scroll on Personal Portfolio


Can anyone help me understand why is there a horizontal scroll on my Personal Portfolio Webpage? I used Bootstrap. I’ve put 0 margin for html and body, I don’t understand why there is a scroll.

Here is my page: https://codepen.io/ancapopescu6/pen/RvqPbe

Thank you so much!

Try to understand this video, if it does not help you, I will explain it to you in my own way


Thank you very much, the tutorial was very interesting but it didn’t help me…I don’t want to have horizontal scrolling. Right now, my whole website has some sort of margin-right and I want it to disappear but I don’t know how to do it. Can you help me with this?

Every row class must be inside container class. Check the section with id “Contact”.


Thank you soooo much! That was illuminating. I’ll pay more attention to this detail from now on.