How can I begin?

How can I begin to write a code in GitHub?
Here’s where I am:

Please use images if you can

Hi @stefan2007octavian,

Github is not intended to be your primary IDE or text editor like Visual Studio Code. Its main purpose is to share code you’ve made through the use of git. In the future for questions about Git, please use #backend-development or #general instead of #support.

I would suggest taking a look at Github’s documentation and guides to learn how to use it.

Cheers, Smeagol

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Yeah, think of github like a filing cabinet - a place to store code and where others can find it. I mean, there are other more sophisticated things it can do in terms of version control and merging code and such, but that’s the idea.


As mentioned above it’s not an IDE but it can consider an essential arsenal for a developer. just install the GitHub desktop then play it around for a while and grasp the idea around what is a repo, what is git ignore, what is push, commit, fork, clone, and rollback. once you got the hang of it move on to the git CLI.

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Aside from all the great advice on getting started with GitHub from your fellow campers I would recommend using codepen to write out quick coding snippets. It’s a great place and will get you in the routine of writing code before you dive into version control like GitHub!

Ok… I found VScode… I think it is good for online and offline coding

I haven’t used VS Code online, but it’s what I use offline. It i very good, very popular, and free.

(Online) Using live server extension

live server extension is not online, it simulates a server, yes, but it’s confined to your machine

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Aaaah… I thinked I need to be online… thank u!

if you want to code online, gitpod is a cloud dev environment based on vscode

Perhaps if you were more clear in what your needs are and why, we could give better suggestions.

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