Getting started with Github?


I have never uploaded any code to Github till now, so need some suggestion to get started. I follow tutorials on various webistes, youtube, MOOC platforms etc to learn coding. Do you recommend comitting all the code that I write to Github public repositories? Any suggestion or advice on how to build a good Github profile would be appreciated.


I asked this same question yesterday, check out answer here

good luck

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Usually learning Git means learning the command line. But, you might want to think about using a decent GUI such as

That will help make some of the Git concepts clearer, though I would recommend learning Git on the command line as well. You could also try one of the IDEs with good Git integration, such as Visual Studio Code.

If you want to code professionally at some point, you absolutely must learn Git, and the sooner you start the better. GitHub has a map showing all your commits, so any potential employer can see how much work you’ve done and how often you commit.

Git can be quite hard to learn because it uses a lot of jargon (push, pull, commit, clone etc) that you don’t really find elsewhere, and because its distributed architecture can make it hard to understand.

If you can pay, then Paolo Perrotta’'s course on PluralSight is fantastic. Otherwise, I’d just read the Git book.

Github is a tool, not a social network. It has certain features that are similar to a social network, but that’s not what it’s for. Just delete junk. Most developers I’ve ever met have had a GH profile, but normally had barely anything on it. Occasionally there’s someone with a lot of complete, polished OS work, but that’s not very common.

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