GitHub on the go?

Is there a way to use GitHub just online? I searched and searched it doesn’t look like there is.

I use my computer at work, home laptop and home desktop. Is there a way to use GitHub for projects without downloading anything or using a USB?

I know I need to learn GitHub because it is the standard. I’m working on the Tribute Page project now.




I think cloud9 might be the kind of thing your looking for. But I’ve never used it myself.

I’m not sure what you mean - do you want to upload stuff to github without actually having git on your computer?

Exactly. I need to watch the GitHub tutorials tonight.

I have a feeling GitHub doesn’t work the way I think it does.

Can you do everything within GitHub itself? I am working on the Tribute Page Project now - can I create the page, run and view everything in GitHub?

You can actually use Github as a very bare-bones text editor, and commit your work directly to that.

I made this in about 1 minute using that method:

I basically made a new repo and selected create new file and started writing a web-page. Sticking it on a gh-pages branch let me host it via github pages.

You could work separately in codepen and then copy and paste your files directly into github like that.

That is not how GitHub is designed to work

…but no one can stop you :slight_smile:


But, as soon as it is viable - learn github properly. It is a phenomenally useful tool when used correctly.


I believe you’re confusing Git with Github.

Github is not a standard. Github is a service, they provide a place on their servers to store your code. And you have many to choose from: Gitlab, BitBucket, Sourceforge, host your own server, and more.

Git, Mercurial, SVN, RCS, etc. These are version control systems. They take snapshots of current changes made to your code. If you’re familiar with any backup software such as Apple’s time machine. It does that. Git et al, keeps a record of all changes that you have committed in your code. Allowing you to go back to a previous change, to fork into a new branch, or merge back to its original branch. This jargon will not make sense just yet, it will though.

There are also many online tutorials to get you familiar with git. (interactive) (interactive) (reference and guide)

I understand you’re seeking a pure online coding environment, but I still strongly suggest to come up with an offline workflow. This way if you find yourself with a good textbook and no internet, you can still do work.

There are many code editors to choose from. This is a topic in of itself. But I will recommend Atom. It has cross platform support and is beginner friendly.


Just FYI, you don’t need a gh-pages branch anymore to deploy to GitHub Pages if you don’t want it. You can deploy directly via master! :slight_smile:

Master didn’t work when I tried it - is there a trick to it? (This was a project page at her than the main one)

Huh, weird, it doesn’t work if you go into your repo’s settings, scroll down to “Source” under the “GitHub Pages” section, and select master? (Taking into account sometimes it takes a minute or two to deploy.) That’s all I’ve had to do for a while now…

Ah - that’ll be it, I didn’t change the source :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the replies! I’m going to just work on learning Git. I downloaded Brackets but I can’t figure out how live preview works. I am following along with a tutorial on so I opened the folder of exercise files. I keep getting

Any ideas?


I figured it out - I had to disable the Enable Experimental Preview.

go on the themes under where you choose master and just pick any as your css file will override it anyways. Thats what i did to get it to work from master. Goodluck.

Yes, of course, you can use Github just online (tho offline setup is much better). There are buttons to create repositories and files. If you want to create a folder with files in your repo, then press button for creating file and then write foldername/file.js (of course, can be any file, not just js). You can also upload files directly from your computer.