How can I contact Free Code Camp?

I think I solved the No repeats Please algorithm challenge. The problem is, I’m unable to check or do anything in that page. I saved the link that contains my solution. Every time I enter in that page my browser freezes. Is this temporary?

Maybe the test had to be long and I had no patience and shut down the tab. Please help!

You may be stuck in an infinite loop. If so, edit the URL:

If you have a legitimate bug, check the GitHub issues to see if it’s been raised before. If someone can duplicate your issue, submit it as an issue on GitHub.

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Thank you very much. I tested the code and I don’t see any infinite loop. Maybe it will make many long loops but not an infinite one. I receive the message //testing challenge… and nothing happens. Maybe the problem only occurs with some test cases. Can someone paste here or otherwise let me know which are the test cases?

No bother. It works well for sever short strings but easily stops working for larger ones. It has to be the inadequacy of the algorithm in terms of quantity of computations required because of recursion. For a string with more than 5 characters the problems begin.

That sounds like you have an algorithm complexity problem - the recursion you are using is likely blowing the logic cycles out beyond the capability of your cpu.

You want to reduce the strain on your computer by rethinking your algorithm.

Reading up on Big O notation might give you some pointers…

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Yes, I solved it now. I get used not to bother with those issues even if in the beginning of my adventure with programming I spontaneously cared about all those avoidable computations that served only to spare me some typing when coding.

If i can’t successfully finish a challenge , how can i get help from the freecode camp website ? i can’t move on to the other challenge for 2 days and i don’t understand what im ding wrong

@dinor10 If you are stuck on a challenge, click the Ask for Help button on the challenge. This will create a topic on the forum where you can give us more details of what kind of help you need for the specific challenge you are stuck on.