How can I get better at open source projects

Hi there!

I am off to a rocky start with contributing to open source projects.
I botched my first PR and can’t seem to contribute well to discussions.

I really want to be helpful and contribute but I can’t seem to get the hang of things yet.

Has anyone else gone through this?

Does anyone have favorite projects that they contribute to?


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Hello @jwilkins.oboe!

I also have a time, when I saw many devs in open source projects, that is when my Github Profile started to thank me for maintaining the profile.
I joined this Project.
I suggest you contribute to what langs you know.

There are many devs who can get you more advice.

Thanks and Happy Contributing.


Absolutely, 100%. I have had a really hard time breaking into open source. Three times, I’ve claimed an issue and said I would do it, just to have some little scheissekopf swoop in and do it underneath me. I ask questions that don’t get answered. I have a PR out there for a major repo that hasn’t been looked at in 6 months.

It’s the wild west. There’s not regulation, no standards, no manners, etc. And yet, somehow it works. But you’ve got to figure out how to jump onto the flaming rollercoaster and hold on.

I imagine there are some projects that are a little more orderly. When I was in Berkeley, I worked with some guys on this OS project. It was pretty simple and they were nice people. I don’t know how active they still are.

The other option is to start your own. I also started my own OS NPM package for a project I was working on for my wife. I haven’t laid out tasks yet, but you could take a look. I also have some ideas for some other little projects like this if someone is interested.