I don't know if I'm doing this right

I’ve taken programming seriously for maybe 6 months , and I feel like what I’m doing things right. I am working on my own project it is functional but I feel like it is very clunky and I feel like I’m not learning things right. I want to do open source contribution but I can’t even seem time find issues, I feel like I’m not capable of doing anything and what im doing is completely wrong , what do I do

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This is a skillset that takes time and experience to build.
sucking at something is the first step to being sort of good at something

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I appreciate your reply, but what I’m worried about is what if I’m going about all these things in the wrong way??

Are you learning? Do you have a better understanding of code than you did a month ago?

Yes I am learning, I guess I do understand code a little better now.

Then it sounds like you’re making progress. Unfortunately there is no unambiguous “correct” way to learn.
just keep swimming

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HI @1ce !

Welcome to the forum!

I remember being in the same position as you when I first started learning. But I kept taking it day by day and now work full time as a developer.

You are still pretty early in the learning process.
You are right on track.

In my situation, at 6 months, I was still building projects and taking courses.
I don’t think I contributed to an open source project until a few months later and it was a small bug fix.

It can be hard to find issues when you are beginner but you can try sites like good first issues

Also, freeCodeCamp is open source.
You can check the good-first-issue or help-wanted

That’s also completely normal.

When you are first starting out, most of your code won’t be as refined. And that is totally fine.
It takes years and work experience to become a seasoned developer that writes clean and efficient code on a consistent basis.

Just keep taking it day by day and focusing on learning and improving.

Good luck :+1:


Thank you SO MUCH. <3