My first FreeCodeCamp project, a tribute page

I basically took the entire code and css and input my own ideas and I was wondering if I actually cheated myself. I just started learning in March.Tribute page

Hi @j.watson2981 !

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Unfortunately yes.

There are two many similarities to the freecodecamp project.
I would suggest rebuilding it to make it more your project.

I understand that you are just starting and that this is your first project.
So the temptation to copy existing code is there.

But remember that a good quality for a programmer is to learn how to problem solve.
You want to learn how to research, ask questions, try different things and fail until you get a solution.
That is how you learn. :grinning:

I would redo it and make sure not to look at the solutions for the other projects.
It is going to take you longer to build the projects and you will probably get stuck a lot but that is point of learning.

Once you tackle problems that are challenging and come out of the other side, you are going to grow 10x more as a developer.

Hope that helps! :grinning:

Thanks for the the constructive criticism. I will attempt to do it with my own code.

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