I feel like I'm cheating when copying code from W3Schools


So, I’ve just finished the tribute page project and heading toward the Portfolio but I don’t know how to procede. We are supposed to make navigation bar which is not seen yet in the curriculum, I know I can use whichever library I want but when I search on Google and W3Schools I feel like I’m just putting chunks of code together to make the layout in my head possible. I’m afraid I’m not learning right! Do I have to make something new (not seen on the curriculum) or just try to apply all I’ve learned so far? I’m frustrated at this point

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Every project on Free Code Camp will push you to branch out a little more on your own. The curriculum won’t teach you every tool you might want to use, but it is intended to help give you the background to understand tools and techniques that you want to pursue. You’re in a community of thousands of people who have done this same challenge in many different ways, and we’re here to help any time you feel like you don’t understand what you’re doing. FCC is taking the training wheels off, but we’re still running along to catch you if you need us.

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image Make sure you understand what you are copying. Here is a lesson that I give my students.