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Now that I’ve gotten to the tribute page it really shows me how little I learned during the lessons. I’m really discouraged to even continue progress, and even posting this stupid post. I’m not even sure what to ask… I’d really like to get this going, I’m willing to learn and I’ve got many years of programming experience in OOC programming which is not like HTML and CSS. I guess I’m looking for more learning material that relates to the tribute page that someone could recommend.

I recommend using W3Schools to explain the concepts a bit more if you’re still confused, but Freecodecamp does teach you all the things you need to complete the projects. If you’re still not getting it, it’s because you’re going too fast on each lesson. Each lesson is basically copy and paste from the explanations, so you can basically go through it without learning anything. So you need to slow down and focus on what they’re teaching you, maybe take some notes if that’s essential (that’s what I did). Hope this helps you.

The YouTube tutorials from FCC are pretty good! I’ve only watched one video but they give very detailed explanations on the same things covered in the online modules. If you like watching and listening, it’s worth trying :slight_smile:

Great find, thank you! I’ll update here as I attempt to continue :slight_smile:

Don’t worry the tribute page was hard for me. As skyman, decoded-universe and GhostRobo have mentioned, try to use online resources for the project. Try to chunk the project down into parts like the title, then the picture and so on, slowly add onto it and you’ll see the bigger picture.

As everyone has said already, there are a lot of resources online that you can watch which are very good, but my advice for you would be to take things easy, learning how to develop web pages may seem hard at first, but i promise you that with practice and dedication it will get easier and easier, I would also advice you to takes breaks, spending a lot of hours coding can be overwhelming and sometimes it prevents you from learning, so take breaks, do things that you like to do, watch a movie, take a walk, etc and then you can come back to coding with a more peaceful mind, I think we’ve all been in that situation but the best thing we can do is keep going, so good luck and don’t give up :smiley:

I have to second this. I took notes as I went through FreeCodeCamp, and cross-referenced the current topic with W3Schools. I mainly did this because I like the way FCC structures the lessons, but wanted to have all of the info for each property in one place in my notes. There are often further details that FCC glosses over because they are not relevant at the moment. W3Schools is a great working reference because it is very thorough and well-indexed.

Also, figure out how you learn best and take advantage of it. Some people can read or hear it and remember it forever. Others need to talk about it with someone to lock it in. I’m mostly a kinesthetic (hands-on) learner, so I need to do stuff to really learn it. It took me three years of college to figure out that I need to actually hand-write notes while reading something to retain it. If you’re not sure what your learning style is, there are tons of free tests out there to find out. Worst case, PM me and I’ll send you one I use for my students.

I was able to pick up Java, and C# (I’m not by any means amazing in these languages yet) rapidly because I had prior experience with C++ in a open source development project. As far as the tribute page, I ended up finding a channel on Youtube that did the project with you, I of course added my own twists and structured the code slightly different. It seemed like the difficulty from the lessons to the projects was drastic and it made me feel “lost in the sauce”. I appreciate everyone that’s commented with helpful advice, at this time I’ve finished the first project and onto the next!

Sometimes a little push in the right direction is what it takes.

As far as learning style, I need to get hands on and talk about it with others for it to really be ingrained into my brain.

Thanks again.

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I figure if anyone is checking in on the post, I’ll share progress… This is my “product landing page”