Open Source Experience?!

Okay quick question…
Have you contributed to open-source projects via Github?
If so, how was it and how did you find a project that suited you? How long were you working on it?

Please do not refer me to google search, I understand that there are other testimonials on the web, but I will like personalized answers to this question from the FCC family. Thank you in advance for your responses!

My first real contribution was fixing something I noticed was broken in a small utility I was using. Basically my ISP at the time didn’t have its own usage meter for my operating system, but it pointed to an open source one. It was great, but it had this broken feature where the task bar icon would change colour depending on how close to the limit you were.

So I fixed that and submitted an unsolicited PR.

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That was quite innovative of you! I think it’s cool that you did a contribution for something that you used often/ something important to you. I’d also eventually like to do that! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Can anyone recommend an easy to understand resource for github for stupid people? I think even correcting spelling errors is worth while. I understand concepts and deep fundamentals quite well…but it’s the way people in this community explain things (I’m looking at you stack overflow) that I find confusing. I often like FCC answers though.

Try contributing to the fcc guide, you can pick any tech related topic to write an article on or even modify existing articles in the guide. Also, fcc has a github repo specifically aimed at providing resources and solving the doubts of new contributors. Hope this helps you.