How can I log in using GITHUB with these error messages?

I am having trouble logging in to free code camp. How do I succesfully do so (i.e., what are the steps?)

the site says I am trying to create a new account and I am not…I am required to reauthorize my acount.

I will be able to give you any info you may also need above and beyond what I provided here.


What happens if you click the big green “Authorize freeCodeCamp” button?

The site refreshes… it brings up my profile name for github…however, when I go to github, my tribute page is not shown - this is a project in the front end web development section.


Since I don’t have the priviledges, above are all the pics to the questions you asked!

So I was just curious about this issue. What are the steps I need to take?

Have you ever signed in to freeCodeCamp using GitHub, or is this the first time you are trying to link your account?

You work will not automatically show up on GitHub - the accounts aren’t linked in that way.

How do I check if the accounts are indeed linked? Are you able to see anything on your side?

No. This is my first time linking the accounts.

The GitHub login has been deprecated.

Sign in using your previous email method.

If you want to upload your work to GitHub, you need to do that manually. The GitHub button was only for logging in, but has been phased out for new accounts.