How can I make money?

I got my responsive web design certification, how can I make money?
or shall I learn javascript to be able to work.


Generally one makes money by either devolping a product that people pay for or by working for someone who pays them.


One suggestion I have for making money would be to do maybe freelancing, and #1 thing to do is to create a Portfolio.


You probably created your own with the FreeCodeCamp project, but I would suggest submitting it to the forum for suggestions and reviews. That way it looks finished and nice for potential clients to look at.


You could do some freelancing, but do notice it’s not as easy as it sounds, unless you want to be a sub-contractor.
As a freelancer you won’t only code (I’d say that part becomes a very small part of your time) but you’ll also have to do marketing, looking for clients, take part in the management of the project from the beginning (getting requisites from customers, that usually change a lot with time) to the end (which hopefully doesn’t arrive, because what you’d want would be a lot of more payed work for enhancement and new features), billing and taxes (unless you outsource it), customer service, and so on.
If it’s a website you are building for them, you also need to know how to host it somewhere.
If you don’t like or don’t want to do these “extra” things that are not coding, freelancing might not be a good idea and I’d suggest looking for a job as an employee.
This second option will give you more experience to try the first one after a while.


Hello! You can sell your designs at different sites. I do it too.

The podcast is an interview show with people who bootstrapped profitable internet businesses. Listening daily lately :smiley: Their forum is all about the same thing, people posting milestones for their products, talking shop … lots of developers there.

Regarding whether you “should” learn more javascript, I would say up to you. Certainly won’t be a mistake. However, also from the indiehackers podcast I learned about this thing call “no-code movement”, people using new tools like airtable, zapier and such to build things. People with little or no coding skills as their main thing, but also developers to build MVPs.

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