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I am a procurement professional, and want to switch to web development from long time back. Few months ago, I have started learning front end web development through YouTube, and FCC.
I have learnt HTML and now moving forward to CSS & JS and then front end frameworks.
My question is, as I am aiming to be independent through freelancing, could you please advise how I can build my portfolio and how much I should learn each language to be able to start my journey of freelancing.

I really need a detailed advise.

Thank you


Hi @wildhawk.aamir !

Welcome to the forum!

I will link some articles for you to look at.

But as to the portfolio question, I would build projects that can demonstrate to clients that you can do the job.

Think about the client’s needs.
If your portfolio is filled with a bunch of toy apps like calculators, clocks and random quote machines why would the client book you?
They are not looking for a calculator they are looking for a website that fullfills their business needs.

Fill your portfolio with real projects like a restaurant site, or eccomerce site.

That would demonstrate to them that you can build a site for them.

You can also do some work in your community.
Maybe a local church or bakery doesn’t have a site and you can build it for them.
That’s a great way to build up your portfolio and sell to clients.

I would first start with building a strong foundation in the core languages of html, css and javascript. Then build some real world projects.

I would also take a look at sites like freelancer and upwork to get a starting sense of who you are up against. Take a look at their tech stack and portfolios.

Hope that helps!


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