Freelancing in Web Development

Hello everyone!

I’m looking to get started doing Freelancing work in Web Development. I Have been spending the last few months brushing up on my knowledge, and learning as much about the current languages and all of the many, many, MANY(did I mention that there is alot?) different frameworks and pre-built resources that are available to use and getting a grasp of the functionality and general development workflow.

I find myself at the point where I feel comfortable enough in my knowledge to move onto the next step and work on developing a portfolio and freelancing profiles on numerous sites. So my questions to everyone are directly related to setting up (for the first time) an Identity as a freelancer that is professional, relevant to the current job market, and well thought out (Gets the message across without having to repeat it 1000 times)

Content for a Portfolio

  • I see a lot of people with simple functional templates for the obvious front runners such as ECommerce websites, and Company Websites. I plan on making 3 or 4 examples of different layouts and structures, each example possibly showcasing a specific feature to make it different from the others?

  • How much content should I build for my Portfolio before feeling comfortable about trying to compete in the job market?

  • What kind of suggestions do you have for content that would stand out to prospective clients, Certain things that you think someone viewing a portfolio are looking for when they are reviewing a potential Candidate for their job posting

  • I plan on showing examples built with Wordpress, and also self-built examples so that it’s clear to anyone viewing my portfolio that I’m capable of more than just dragging and dropping elements to build a Website.

With all of the different frameworks/ways to build a website what specific skills should be advertised specifically, Is there specific ones that you believe are more appealing to potential employers?

I’d love to get as much insight from the community as possible.

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