Freelancing as a web dev

I have a burning question that may be stupid, but I’ll ask anyway.

If you’re freelancing as a web dev, lets say you have a project as a simple static website, does your client have to call you everytime they want an update? Or must you use a CMS like wordpress?

Any clarification regarding the whole process of freelancing would be great too, not just the above question.

Was this also the proper place to ask this question?

I moved your topic to the Getting a Developer Job category.

I first would suggest using the search feature for the forum (magnifying glass icon located in the upper right-hand corner) and search for “freelancing”. You will find you are not the first time to ask questions about freelancing.

It totally depends on you. If you agreed on giving services after the project is completed then you will have to. WordPress might solve issues like updating the content of the website. For site look and feel and to make adjustments in layout they will have to contact you anyway.

Hey thanks! appreciate the response. I was just confused because I was thinking, why would anyone hire a web developer these days with the advent of website builders becoming so advanced. But I think the answer is just to have a super competitive edge, like amazing designs or cool functionality.