I want to start Freelancing

Hey awesome coders,
I’ve been learning web development for too long. I finally made a portfolio and I’m struggling to get my first client. I’m also confused about what I should ask the client about.
Beside the content of the page, the style and functionality, what should I get from the client before starting the work? Should I deploy the work and the database or just send the files and the client would handle the rest?

And could someone please visit my portfolio and tell me what do you think about it? so I can make it better

And if there is someone of you who did freelancing that I can talk to when I get confused about something , Would you please tell me how can I reach you?

Thank you all very much.


The price would be a good idea :wink: Seriously, that’s actually one of the harder parts. As for what you deliver the client, you want to be full-service and deploy and configure the site for them. If you take care of the hosting yourself, you can even charge a small monthly premium.

Didn’t take a long look at your portfolio, but first impression was really really good. You’re going to want to replace the personal projects with “real” sites as soon as you can, but as placeholders go, those are really impressive.

There are some freelancers right here on the FCC forum, but nothing beats meeting others in the field in-person. Look for meetup groups in your area (often named something pretentious like “Foo City Entrepreneurs”) and listen to their war stories.

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Thank you very much :heart:

also have a look on indiehackers .com they have a lot of docs about starting up a business

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Join basic freelancing sites like fiver, upwork, and freelancer. They are very easy to use. Also watch some tutorials on youtube as to how to use it.

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freelancing is really cool, man. you have your own schedule and projects. I’ve been freelancing for 3 years, and it was really nice

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Yes. Its great working at your own terms.

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Is it hard to find work as a freelancer? I m also interested. I m currently looking for a job applying to companies but nothing so far. Shouldn t freelancing be a bit difficult for beginners since there is lots of competition?

How to start on Fiverr? I mean, that i had made many gigs with title and all others mechanism to optimize my gig. after that i got alot of impressions and few clicks but no order. What to do now?

Yeah it’s very competitive and hard at beginning.

Nice portfolio site you got there, it’s beautiful.

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Thank you very much :heart:

I wonder if this experience really exists?

Hi, i have been learning web developing for not too long, half a year only. I do not have portfolio yet, but I am working on it. To my mind, first few months it is better to work for free. After that you can start earning.

I agree that we may work for a lower price to get a place in the market but not for FREE. One should respect their own effort and time put into the work.

The other problem with free is that it also devalues the work of other freelancers, who now have to compete with free (fun how we’ve got both senses of “free” in there). It also sets expectations in others for more free work, and that’s how we got to having unpaid interns everywhere now.

Doesn’t apply to open source software of course, because everyone benefits. Even then if a company or client requires you to work on OSS, one should demand remuneration.

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