How can I start a NodeJs Job overseas?

Hello Everyone,

I am an Egyptian back-end developer with 2 years experience in PHP. However, I believe that Javascript/NodeJs has much more capabilities and features so I started using NodeJs, React, MongoDB but I couldn’t land any job since I don’t have any portfolio using NodeJs.

My goal is getting remotely job outside Egypt to be able to use skills I learned in an advanced way. I’m also still confused over which position I should apply for. Is it React develop, front-end developer, Full-stack developer or what?

I would appreciate any advice

Thanks in advance

First if you don’t have any projects in your portfolio using node…then chances are no one will hire you. How are they suppose to know you can code with node if they don’t see any examples? In my looking around for jobs node is usually included in backend, and full stack jobs

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React isn’t anything to do with Node, it’s a front-end library. It happens to be written in the same language. And in general, like most things in JS, you can use the package manager that comes with Node to manage libraries you use in a project. But Node itself is completely different.

  • If you are writing a server of some kind in JS then you write programs that work in the Node environment.
  • If you are building a web interface, you might use a library to help you with parts of it that need JS, so you may use React to help with that.

A “NodeJS developer” implies completely different skills to “front end developer”. “Full stack developer” implies you can do both, though people able to do both to any high degree of skill are imo rare.

I think, first of all, you should gain some experience with Node.js, so you’ll be able to show your portfolio using Node.js. Train your skills as a Node.js developer, if you’re not sure what kind of skills a good Node.js developer should have, check some guides on this subject, for example, this guide on how to hire Node.js developers: