How could I be creative as a web designer?

since all websites look the same ( I mean no big differences ) specially in the layout,
what are the things where I could be creative?

and many thanks in advance

Go design some yourself, get some inspiration from places like Behance or Dribble, Awwwards etc.

One of the core reasons websites look the same, is because they work. The core thing you should always have at the focus of every design is usability, accessibility and the User Experience. The article compares Dribble and Behance. Fundamentally, you’re there for the content. Yes, they look the same, but why would you need anything else?

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thanks so much for your reply. actually I do not need anything else but just want to know what are changes could I do while creating a website to look different?
may be colors or what?
I just want to be creative to stand out from others when I apply for jobs

Use something like Sketch, Figma, Invision Studio, Adobe XD and start designing something. Choose a colour pallet and incorporate it into the design. Saw an element you liked on another website, or in a magazine? Add that too. The more you practice, the better you’ll get :slight_smile:

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thanks so much. nice and helpful ideas

There is a lot of creativity involved. How much of it is artistic/visual creativity varies a lot be what you’re working on and what your role in the project is. Sometimes there may be very well defined decisions already made about exactly how the application will look and behave. Sometimes you are given a task with almost no direction at all. Usually it’s somewhere in the middle and restrictions come in the form of matching the brand image and optimizing for usability.

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Honestly speaking, I don’t think all websites look same. I saw too much variety and for sure creativity among websites. Do you think Behance, Canva, Quora are looking same? No, they are surviving because of their uniqueness.

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Thanks so much for your reply

yes I think so too, but to be honest yes not all but most of them. thanks so much for your reply

Most websites primary objective is to give information

Good design is unobtrusive

Dieter Rams

So depending on the type on information and client the problem of the designer falls on the best way to present it so it could be text, photos to show products, a call to action, etc. These problems have been repeating enough that answers have been honed over the years creating common User Interface (UI) Patterns to solve them, or at least that’s what I have learned.

This is a very good website to learn about UI Patterns


thanks so much for your helpful reply. and I have 3 questions please
design patterns are for frontend or backend development?
and they are in all languages such as html, css, js, jQ, php, python, node.js?
are they free to use? and I could only edit them? where would I find their codes?

sorry for my long questions and many thanks in advance

  1. User Interface or UI are related to what the User sees, therefore there are related to Front-End, and have to deal more with CSS and JS since is a good rule to separate content (HTML) from appearance.

  2. I guess you could say they also exist in Back End with different names, but I haven’t learn much yet about Back End.

  3. UI Patters can be found in most teaching websites

For example: let’s say that your client wants that its website, among many other things, have something that helps the user move between the main site to other sub-sites

You could spend time, thinking on a creative way to do this or you could realize that there is a solution that everyone already uses, which is the NAV BAR, and that is so common that it now has its own semantic HTML tag. This navbar, could be on the top, on the side, it probably needs to change depending if the user is looking at the website on a desktop computer, cellphone or tablet (be responsive). You could start making the HTML list, and then writing the CSS, or you could look at w3Schools copy and make some changes.

As you learn, you will find out where you can be creative and where you can’t. Personally, since I come from a business background I take a rigid approach to my design decisions and it always helps me to look at Dieter Rams 10 principles of Design <-- link

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Thanks so much for the detailed reply. of course I have already learnt a lot from w3Schools
and I enjoyed their simple way in teaching html5 css3, js, jQ and I liked their examples so much. I think many websites depends on their code examples.
thanks for your helpful replies.

There are design patterns also in coding and if you take the path of the developer, I do encourage you to check them in the programming language you use. They are very important.
The most famous are the ones of the “Gang of Four”, the authors of the book “Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software”.

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Thanks so much for your helpful reply. I do appreciate

Designing is important part for your web development and mobile app development. A great UI/UX design increase user-experience and website reputation. A good designer should know the secrets to make UI/UX design look amazing.

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