How could i improve this page i'm doing for responsiveness practice?

I made this page as the home for an hypothetical Course page, trying to make it responsive and using grids as a method to structure the page’s section, how could i improve it visually or in terms of structure so it’s suitable for any device’s screen?

Sorry there aren’t images i couldn’t find any suitable that wouldn’t damage the structure, i’ll share some pics so you could see how it looks with the images i use (and can’t link in the codepen).

I hope this is allowed if it’s not i’m sorry. I would like to hear some feedback and how can i improve visually this page, maybe is too simplistic at the moment, maybe i could add some more stuff, thanks in advance!

Use a narrow-first (or mobile-first if you prefer that term) approach to styling the page.

Thanks!, i tried styling it for mobile screens with media queries but still having issues with that, guess it’s better to tackle on mobile first then larger screens, thanks!

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