How do I aproach the project challenges

Hi there. I started freecodecamp about 2 weeks ago or so, and I have reached the Tribute challenge today. I wanted some feedback how how to approach this project those similar. Should I take a look at the project example’s fork and make adjustments? Do I do it on my own?

This is really up to your preference. i think the instructions say you can fork the project and make adjustments however i suggest starting from the ground up as i think that is a better way to learn and troubleshoot (or extra learn lol). I would definitely do it on your own however, feel free to always ask questions and also you can check out other FCC’ers that have made tribute pages and take inspiration from it!

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be sure to try it out on my own as much as I can. I asked because sometimes when I’m doing the challenges and such, and I look at the videos for help, I feel like I’m kinda of ‘‘cheating’’. Idk maybe I’m being silly

I understand. I usually glance at the codepen that FCC has to offer about the project i’m about to do to get an idea of what i’m making and then i usually just take off from there. But by all means, feel free to take as many creative liberties as you would like while still meeting the user stories requirements.

Also, just a friendly tip, i don’t really like coding in the codepen window/website. I would download visual studio code as its a more realistic environment to program/develop in, but that is also my preference


You shouldn’t fork the example. But there is a pen with a test suite that you can fork (it is empty other then the tests), so you can see how you are doing

Do projects on whatever you like, it just needs to be a tribute to something/one