How do i complete survey form project

Please i can’t get pass this form ,i scored 14 and the remaining 3 seem to be impossible.
What am i missing?

Hello, it would be very helpful if you put the link to your project. That way we could help you.

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Am sorry here is the link pls

click on the 14/17 to see the failed tests
below each failed test there is the error with more details on why it is failing and you can usually get exactly what to do from that
note it shows one error at a time, if there are more you wouldn’t know until you run the test and it failed again

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First up, I dont see any element that’s making use of a number input(so that you are able to define a minimum and a maximum value, which happens to be a test case)
For test case 10, you need to assign the ID’s for label elements as per the test case, which isnt so.
For the checkbox case, you have forgot to put an “=” after the name attributes(for multiple checkboxes)

Fix these, and it should pass all the cases

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Thank you everyone, i passed.