How do I link the html to css on codepen

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your post doesn’t have any text, so we don’t know what you need help with
also, if you are doing a project and need help with it you will need to give the link to your pen

I’m on a project and this the link:

on codepen they are already linked, so just put your html in the html box and what would you put in style tag in the css box

Yes, I did that.
But it shows err that my image is responsive

that my image isn’t responsive

i don’t see an image in your code

You may view it again it’s there.

I see there is an image tag, but it doesn’t appear in the page

Yes, could you tell me why?
and the responsive attribute I’m trying to add to it isn’t working as well

your image doesn’t appear because the source link is not for an image:
here is the actual link you need to add instead:


Please could that be the reason why isn’t responsive?

If there isn’t an image, logically there isn’t anything to be responsive.

But now there is…
and I’ve an id selector

look at the block of text that appear below failed user stories, the first line of that is:

Use the "display" style property with a value of "block" for responsive images.: expected 'inline' to equal 'block'

I tried it, but it show the same err, as not having made the image responsive

i looked again at your code but I don’t see this change you mentioned

Add display: block; to the image.

edit: to center it you can use margin: auto;

Thanks, it now worked