How do I share my Codepen

How do I share my codepen link? Just cut and paste from the browser?

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Assuming that you’ve saved your pen, you can copypaste the link in your address bar, or check out the share, export, and embed buttons in the lower right of the window. If you’re sharing here on the forums, I suggest you just paste in your URL without any formatting.

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Thnx! (meeting the character requirment here)

Thanks again, @PortableStick. If you would be so kind, what is the difference between a “pen” and a “project” ?

Codepen projects are a new interface that allow for things like separating JavaScript into separate files and using complex build systems. A pen is much simpler, providing just one spot for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript each. Codepen restricts users to just one project in the free plan, so when you get to the point where you’re making projects, it’s better to just work with a local setup.

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Thank you! @PortableStick