How to share my pens with Non techie People

I have two pens, and I would like to share my work with my mom and with other supporting non-techie friends.
I guess I cannot do that from codepen, I have to host the code on my own website, right?


It depends on what you mean by “share”.

Codepen is by default public, so you can just send them the link.

@Radiance7008 You can totally share you CodePen’s with your non-techie friends :smiley:
So when your in your pen, go to Change View on the top right side of the navbar. Right next to your picture
Then go to to Full Page and click
That should bring to a full page view of your pen in the browser. Now take the URL from the browser and share that with anybody you like :smile: :clap: All they need is a copy of the link and something with the internet.
That’s how I share mine with my parents :wink:
Anyways hope this helps

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