How do you add a thumbnail image of your href links?-Portfolio project

How do you add a thumbnail image of your project links?

I am trying to complete the portfolio project and it would be nice if there was the codepen image that shows up like when I post in here. Is there a way of doing this in HTML/CSS or do I have to use bootstrap or javascript? If I must use the later can you please point me to a resource that explains how to add it to the website (codepen)


Try this:

Not sure what you are asking.

  • If you want images, has some stock photos. Just put a slash after the url and add a number (eg:
  • If you want images of your pen, go to settings. You can get links to small and big images.
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You can also use the embed function.

Codepen has a oEmbed API endpoint, probably not very useful.

Quick pen showing the oEmbed (horrible code don’t use it, it’s also using a cors proxy which often fails), not very useful but I just wanted to try it.