Personal Portfolio help with adding img to my projects

When I am adding my projects to the appropriate section I can set up the a no problem. When I try to set up an img, I’m a little stumped. I want to show the little thumbnail that codepen shows but I have no clue how I would go about doing that.

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Just to understand further, you are having trouble creating an img tag?
Or a specific style of img?
In general an img tag looks like this:

<img src="http://www.a link to an image goes here" alt="some descriptive text goes here">

Oh no , I know how to make an img element. But I’m not sure how to go about pulling the thumbnail that codepen gives you and using it as the img. There isn’t a copy image address selection when I right click it… Am I making sense at all?

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i think i am understanding more, you are trying to get some thumbnail image that codepen has given you (I guess you are trying to download it somehow). Can I see a screen shot of your pen and what you are trying to copy so I can understand? My pen doesn’t have thumbnails that I recognize…
Another thought, what if you try to just screenshot and then crop the part that you want out?

It looks like the projects in the example one from fCC. But in those its pulling the image from your server(I think?).

codepen doesn’t create these from fcc unfortunately. You will probably just have to crop the image to get the part(s) you need out.

@tculber696 if I understand you correctly, you’re trying to put up your image in your portfolio like this below right ?

If you want to put up your image on your portfolio like mine and have it displayed I can tell you how to go about that !!

Your suggestion helped I just screen shot and cropped then uploaded them to a Github repository. Then pathed it from there. Thanks!

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