How do you listen to podcasts to get the most of them?

I am usually listening to podcasts while running, walking, being in bed, commuting, or flying. Whatever moment you choose you are a bit out of the reach from code editor, regular note taking, searching the net, etc. It’s possible but hard to do with the second activity.

What do you make to get the most of them and how do you choose the best series and episodes your current level?

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I usually listen to them while I am running, commuting, and also grocery shopping (because I take a while :slight_smile: ).

I think just hearing about new technologies, how people are applying them, and personal experiences is very helpful for me. I keep a ‘To google list’ on Evernote too for the occasional interesting idea I hear about and want to look up later.

Some of the podcasts I found were ones where I saw they had an episode on FCC, listened to it, and started liking the whole series (Code Newbie and JS Jabber).

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You might be interested in a podcast called Late Nights with Trav and Los.

Podcast Description: Join Travis and Carlos for a late night discussion about being a healthy and productive professional in todays creative economy. Casual, fun, educational (maybe).


@theflametrooper I love that guy from Dev Tips! He is a great teacher too.


We’re defiantly in agreement!

So far I just listened to the first two episodes on self-learning rules. The next episodes are waiting in a queue. Travis is great at Dev Tips so I hope the next podcasts will be similar.


This goes against what a lot of people recommend but if something is just strait over my head I stop listening and find something more at my level. You want something that gives you new information but you have to have some understanding of the context of that information. I find it’s best to immerse myself in more advanced topics with people because you can ask them to explain. You can’t do that in a podcast so it can make you feel frustrated or lost which isn’t helpful.

I love Code Newbie. This is btw the source I first heard about FCC :slight_smile:
I am looking for more podcasts like this one (the podcast not only on frameworks, but also on tools, with motivating stories, and with such a great podcast lead and guests).

@gwenf you mentioned google list - I take some notes too, just after coming back from running and listening, etc. In my case Google keep works great for it. I just note some keywords to dig deeper later.

You are right that just listening makes you aware and always one step ahead. I am still wondering how others squeeze the most of it while listening in the situations as I do, maybe there is a way to optimize it a bit more :).

Checkout this article on medium by @quincylarson:

Thanks for sharing, I’ve seen them. Some are on my list, yet there is a huge difference for newbies between e.g. Software Engineering Daily or JS Jabber and Code Newbie, that’s why the second is so unique and hard to find similar. Everybody is looking for sth that fits their taste, level, etc.

Maybe when we recommend the podcasts in this thread it would be more useful for others to hear for what and why the one is best, for whom, and at which stage.

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@ewathedoer I agree - we could have a podcast regarding each and its approachability for a beginner.

Code Newbie is probably the best podcast for people who are completely new to programming.

There are also quite a few technology-focused podcasts that are designed for laypeople, and we could create a list of those.

Yes - I have talked with the guy from Dev Tips. He has a great series of videos about how he got a job at Google, which breaks down the process in detail. We have a special category just for DevTips.

Here’s an video of his I found particularly interesting about the Google interview:


I typically listen to podcasts while commuting or walking, however I’ve found the best way to retain what I listened to is to immediately write a paragraph summary of the podcast, save it and set an Evernote reminder to read it again approximately one week later. (You could also do this with most other note taking software).

My favorite by far is the CodeNewbie podcast:

I’m a major fan of podcasts as I take the train to work every day. For those episodes that I know will be beneficial for me to back track to, I’ll take a screen shot with my phone to remind me to check out the show notes later.

I know it’s kind of weird but I listen to podcasts while I code. It often helps me concentrate on what I’m doing.

It’s a bit like listening to the radio while coding. I can’t focus properly on both coding and podcast, maybe it comes with time and skills… For sure it’s great to look for extra info, write sth down, etc because you have hands free and browser on all the time. Great option for those who can focus like that :slight_smile:

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Maybe not while doing JavaScript, but I do get a lot of podcasts while I’m doing more of HTML/CSS stuff or other things on my non-coding job. In fact, that’s how I listen to 99% of my podcasts.

Shout out to Shop Talk Show by Chris Coyier (the guy behind Codepen)


I am analysing the PODCAST question that was made at the FCC Survey 2016. A first simple result you can find here:

The purpose would consist in looking for information in the Survey that could guide users to make decisions about Podcasts.

Does anyone have observations? Things to add? You don’t have to register in the DataScience room: you can leave your answers here.

Love these guys. I religiously follow Trav’s Youtube channel DevTips (if you haven’t heard of it you def should check it out). He’s skilled and keeps you engaged.

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I came across the changelog by just searching iTunes I think. I listen when running, commuting and walking around town. If I hear something interesting I usually make a note of it on my iPhone (even when running!) or try to remember it when I get to a piece of paper. One of the first changelog (or code newbie, can’t remember which) episodes I listened to was the one where they interviewed @quinceylarson, I even remember exactly where I was when he was talking about his regular day on my run :slight_smile: so cool the association you get from it. I then got onto the medium list that Quincy created. As a relative novice I find changelog can be a bit tough but I stick with it and look up a lot of stuff later. I also listen regularly to software engineering daily (but I find his interview style less appealing than the changelog), linux unplugged (super fun but very technical). I have moved away from coding newbie recently, not sure why but it just doesn’t grab me.