How does attending a JavaScript workshop help me improve my career path?

I see a lot of stickers on some developer’s laptops which are given at these workshops.
Seeing at those I always have this question in my mind, Will attending workshops help a person to build their career path ?

I think it will depend more on you than in the workshop itself, since you can learn anything by yourself if put the right effort. There are 2 things though that I believe you can take advantage going out in the wild of these workshops:

1 - Knowledge everywhere - Even the most basic of presentations will teach us something. If not the content, you may learn how to present better, or how to make a nice Power Point by observing the speakers. Also you may have people asking the same questions you have, if you are too shy to raise your hand. So you will benefit from this. At the very least, if all is not so great, you will learn how to not do that. (Specially if you spent money on the workshop) :slight_smile:

2 - Connections - Exchange some business cards (make a simple one at home and print at the supermarket), talk to people. Ask questions about their work, projects and answer those questions if you are asked. Walk around and you might end up with a job, a contact, friend… well, all is valuable in this field.

At the end of the day, in my opinion, I think if you put effort to learn from internet, book, friends and contacts, it is not fundamental for you to attend those workshops. However if you are a kind of person that take the most of learning being in a classroom, so go for it!


Check out I’m really amazed by it. It’s basically a bunch of recorded workshops. I’m doing the Douglas Crockford one right now.