How to get a job

How many courses do I have to complete to land a good job in Web development. Do I have to complete all the courses or do I attain the skills while progressing through the programme.
Also the skills needed to be a freelancer through this course would be helpful

You’re going to get a job by demonstrating to employers/customers that you have a solid understanding of the material that you’re going to use. You can do this by showcasing your projects and what not.

FreeCodeCamp can’t get you a job by itself but it can give you the tools to get you a job…if that makes sense.

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Nice question, man. I would like to know as well. Especially as a young specialist. But as far as I can see there are no job offers here. Still this resource may help to develop some of your skills and you will find good job elswhere.

I would recommend working on skills like httml, css first then javascript then a framework(react or angular) creating portfolio projects, and creating a portfolio site to showcase projects. Go on meetup and look for front end meetups to network. Do some freelancework, apply a lot

You know that Bruce Lee line… about number of punches…
Its not about number of courses, its about knowledge attained from them.
1 complete course might be enough, 20 might not be.
One thing i struggled, and still kinda do… is that urge of completing course i started… for sake of completion… Ef that, break it wherever you feel you’re not getting what you expect to get from it.
Main thing is i guess to focus on knowledge your’re getting from course, even if that means you spent as much time on that ONE course as you could on 3 or so. Quality > Quantity.

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I met someone that can give me an internship. She told me that the most important thing I can do is to prove that I can work in a group.
So she told me to have some projects in Github where I can show that I have been working with someone.
Is any one interested in elaborating a project with me and work on it through GitHub?