Need advice on getting a job?

What requirement do I need to know to get job by learning HTML and CSS ?
And does acquiring certifcate from freecodecamp project helps in getting a job .


That depends what job are you trying to get? Just knowing html and css wouldn’t be enough to land you a job. Are you trying to get a job in web development?

The certificates here are not accredited. So, being honest they wont do much for when you look for a job. They could represent your ability to learn and have the dedication to get things done. They are more however for you.

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At the moment am unemployed, have a degree in BA now I’m learning to code to broaden my knowledge and improve my chances getting a job. So yes i am trying to get a job in web development

Realistically, you need to learn to use HTML, CSS, and JS. Then you need to learn some libraries, and modern view/component library/framework, like React, Angular, or Vue. Then you have to learn some of the libraries to support those and a little backend (for knowledge and to build better projects.) This, by the way, is basically the first 6 certificates in the FCC curriculum. There are other paths, but most will be a variation on that.

Then you need to spend time building more and more complex projects and learning things to facilitate that. You keep building up your portfolio, beef up your resume, maybe do some open source work, work on some projects with friends, all while applying like crazy.

If you work hard at that, at some point your skills, the needs of the market and luck will meet.

The question everyone asks is how long will it take. It will take exactly x number of years. I say “x” because it is impossible to say. Someone that works really, really hard, has a good aptitude, lives in a market that needs what he studied, makes a good portfolio and resume, and interviews and networks well … and is lucky - it might get done in less than a year. If you change a couple of those variable and it might be two or three. Or possibly more. There is no way to know.

I don’t want to sugar coat it for you. It’s going to probably take a year or two of hard work. But it is doable. The longer and harder you work at it, the more your odds increase.


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