How does modern coding looks like? and what do you like? and where else I can find modules?

So I look at the basis is coding to be things like html, css, and javascript… then you have things like bootstrap and maybe even jquery that can simply coding and make you move faster…

You also have things like REACT / NEXTjs that offer modules… and I like modules… but I have been very super frustrated with both REACT and NEXTjs, not just because I don’t know fully how to use them, but also because of their own limitations…

Given that I like to work with modules… and that I am frustrated with React and Next… can I still build re-usable pieces of code without using Next or React?

How much time have you spent learning React? It takes a bit to get used to and learn it well enough to where you are building stuff the correct way.

There are other frameworks, like Svelte or Vue you might give a look. You can also look at Web Components.

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Web Components? that is new to me…

To be honest, I haven’t spent that much time learning React… the frustration come from the lack of SEO from React…

I do have a piece of code that isn’t working that I am using in Nextjs… its been a pain… maybe I’ll share that code here later see if I get a feedback on what I am doing wrong.

Modules are a feature of JavaScript, not something specific to React. I would strongly suggest trying to read up a bit more on modules, & work through some examples. I think there are quite a few core JS features + JS features available in browsers that you maybe need to be a bit more comfortable with – that’s no bad thing, it’s natural at this stage

React is definitely not something you just pick up and use. I would make sure you take some time and learn it better.

Frameworks that use React like Next can help with SEO, you can also check out Remix.

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