How exactly do I start coding the Book Trading Club?

In other words, where exactly is the code and how do i implement it. Once i locate the code I should be able to make the app, however this is my first time using Github and doing any back end work so I’m a little lost. Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Hey there, I also just started the backend challenges a few weeks ago and I so know how you feel! Here are some example project codes for the Book Trading Club project Let’s discuss your “ Book Trading Club”.

For github, start by creating a repository on the github site (without the readme file), and it will show you some instructions on how to link your working environment with the repository, once you did that, you can upload your code by doing the following

git add --all
git commit -m "(message you want to say)"
git push origin master

and it will save all the versions you have committed

PS to check a previous version just type git checkout (version serial number)

Hopefully that helps! :slight_smile: