How I can reset freeCodeCamp map?

I am on my first basci front end development project. i.e : Build a Tribute Page.
But I want to repeat my learning from start. When I go to first exercise it automatically shows the answers. How can I reset it so I can learn again ?

Dunno if it will satisfy or help you, but just log out and do it as a “guest” :wink:

You can also go to the page and hit reset beside the run/help buttons… it will give you a clean unsoiled exercise to work through…

there’s probably a way also to load the page without the cached answer but that’s beyond my pay-grade.

The solutions which populate in your browser are only stored in your browser’s cache.


I cleared my browser cached history. Still it showing the solutions :unamused:

If you’re talking about the solutions on your profile, those are going to stay there. If you want to completely wipe everything, delete your account and recreate it. If you’re just talking about your most recent code populating in the editor when you go to a challenge, that is stored in your browser’s cache. If it is still there then you didn’t completely clear your cache.

if you want to save your progress but see the exercises cleanly… then I suggest doing @Folrunge’s tip:

just log out and do it as a “guest”

Otherwise if you delete the account you’ll lose your progress.

You can also clear the cache, and redo the exercises, and it will save your latest most bestest code.

you can goto an exercise, hit reset and it clears the answer… go have a coffee and do something else then come back in 15 or 20 mins when yer short term memory is full of other fun stuff, and try it then…

Also, why not try the beta?
it’s full of some new stuff but has a lot of the older stuff too