Undoing Free Code Camp Challenges

Hi, all. I was on FCC a while ago and did a certain amount of challenges. However, that was a while ago (I’ve been in a training program that focuses more on Python, so I’ve been neglecting the FCC curriculum). Is there any way that I can uncheck challenges I’ve already done so that I can re-do them clean, instead of having my old answers pop up on the screen?


I believe clearing your browser cache should work.

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I’ve cleared my browser history multiple times over the past months–do you mean something else?

There is a reset button on each challenge, I’m not sure how much use that would be to you since you would see your answer for each challenge before you could reset it. I’m not sure how you could entirely wipe all of you progress in one swoop, bar creating a new account.

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Hey, how didn’t I notice that? Seeing my old solution first shouldn’t be an issue–I’ll just look at the place where the Reset button is while the challenge comes on. Thanks!

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What you can do is open the challenges one by one from the map and do them again.

No, that leaves my old code up. Thanks anyways.

You can indeed delete your account and make a new one.

Yes, browser history something else. It depends on your browser how to do it. For Chrome: delete browser history and in the popup select to delete cache as well.

Great, good to know. Thanks.

You could create a new account. Not sure if you need to use a different email address though.

Yeah, I suppose that would do the job. Thanks, muchris.

Send an email explaining your situation - they may be able to clear your old submissions. Worth a shot…

Team FreeCodeCamp

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If I do that, will I still be able to use this handle in the forums?

Sounds good. Losing the progress on the map is more or less the point, and the points aren’t actually useful for anything, so far as I know. :slight_smile:

Oh, but anyways, with your CompSci guide, which you assure me is much more than the FCC curriculum, there’s really no special reason for me to worry about it anyways. Just go through the guide, and then come back and do the remaining projects for the certs, right?

After the guide, I should be hireable at at least a medium-level position, no?

Wonderful. Thanks again–it’s really good of you to make such an effort to help perfect strangers such as myself.

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