How it will becom rexponsive ?using media?

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Please add more information to the body of your posts than just a link. Add some specific details about your problem/what you are struggling with.

Also, you have pasted a link to the freeCodeCamp boilerplate code, not your edited version. Please edit this to include a link to your fork of the boilerplate.

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Sir , i make the tribute page same as Dr.norman , is it fine ?or i make again with other desining and content ?
and how can i make the page responcive ?

Thank you, for linking your project.

Yes, you are allowed to make the Tribute Page about Dr. Norman. You may tribute whoever you like. However, please be aware that the aim of the freeCodeCamp curriculum is to help you learn to program, and copy-pasting someone else’s code and calling it your work is considered plagiarism. I am not saying this is what you have done, I am just making sure you are aware.

Now, as for making the page responsive: I suggest you go over one or more of the Responsive Web Design Principles section of the course, and apply some of the principles.

Hope this helps

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sir , :frowning: no i am not done copy paste of any other person ,actually , i did’t understand the statment of my task ,thats why , it happend ,but i will do again this task :slight_smile: with deferent styling