How long did it take you to grasp Javascript

Im sort of struggling to get the concepts of javascript, so I just wanted to know how long it took people to finally grasp the fundamentals.

It depends on multiple factors e.g. background, how many hours, discipline, consistency, motivation etc

It’s like answering how long it will take to build body like Arnold in 80s.

Don’t compare with others but only compare with yourself of yesterday, if you’re making progress daily then you’re winning the marathon.

Check out this book summary which will answer your question


Thank you for the reply, gave me some confidence just to keep going.
Could I ask, apart from going through the curriculum on freecodecamp, do you suggest any books or videos to watch?

I would suggest you start to apply what you have learned by doing projects as soon as possible.

Take abstract knowledge and turn it into practical knowledge. Learn by doing, not by viewing/reading.


@vikramvi this is amazing advice! Thank you.

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Please clarify below

  1. How comfortable are you with HTML and CSS ?

  2. How many projects did you build only with HTML and CSS ?

  3. I suggest below path which worked for me and am sure will work for you as well

  1. Learn & build in a group ( with totally dedicated people only ); learning alone is boring.

With these steps; I’m sure you will get your internship / job in 6 - 12 months time frame.



@Charlie88 I had wasted whole of 2021 just watching YT videos on how to build projects and coding along.

The problem with this approach is I was not using my brain to solve problem, break down big problem into smaller pieces and solve those small things.

As a programmer you need to train your brain how to solve problems day in and day out, sometimes it hurts, boring but that’s the developer’s life :slight_smile:

Sometimes I do watch videos like to learn and see how senior developer builds a project.

But avoid going in tutorial hell, you can’t cook a dish by watching YT videos; you must try yourself as well


Secret to Learning To Code | JavaScript Mentor Session #learntocode - YouTube, the knowledge mentioned in this is worth million dollar.

Also last tip, don’t target for perfection; once you know basics start building projects. That’s how you build confidence.

Even 1K+ USD apple devices comes with lots of bugs; they get fixed overtime. Nobody is perfect or can achieve perfection.

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Some topics like recursion and currying took me several days to grasp, and I could still use additional practice with more advanced implementations of those.

When struggling with concepts, I’ve found to be an excellent resource to use alongside FCC. It explains concepts really well and has helped me numerous times during my JS journey.

I would encourage you to keep at it. Use Google. Take breaks and come back to a topic later. Continue struggling to understand, and you will grow from that. Trust the process.

Even though it may take time to grasp a concept, once you finally understand it, it’s yours forever. If other humans can do it, so can you.

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It takes a while. Don’t worry about it. Just keep going. You’ll get there. I’ve been a professional JS developer for 5 years now and I still have to look things up (google is a developer’s best friend) and there are still some advanced topics that screw with my head a little.

And keep in mind that there is a difference between learning to program and learning a language. Remember that subjects like recursion and currying are not specifically JS topics but are programming concepts, that you may learn while learning JS (if that is your first language that uses them). You will probably get comfortable with the language of JS long before you “master” advanced programming concepts.

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It took me a long time to realize that struggling is part of the learning process.

While trying to learn JavaScript I’ve run into several struggling points, and have found that looking for different explanations helps the most. If one explanation isn’t getting through I’ll try and find a source with a different example or explanation. Often that helps me connect pieces that I hadn’t connected before. While struggling is frustrating, working through it and getting to a level of understanding is rewarding in the end.

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