How long will it takes to Build a site like Instagram

Hello Everyone, I planning to develop video and photo sharing website like Instagram. My Question Now is is How long will it takes me to build it from scratch and also How Much Will it cost Me for the whole project.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

No one here can answer these questions for you. Depending on who else is working on this with you, the skill level of everyone involved, and the exact goals of this web app, it could take anywhere from about an hour to the rest of your life.


Rest of my life, You say??

Can’t i just get an estimation of time it will cost a team of 20 Full stack developer??

We are planning to use Ruby on Rails.

One person with the right knowledge and who is fluent in rails could build a site like Instagram within a week if working on it 9 hours a day…easily. 20 devs fluent in rails should be able to build a site like Instagram within a day.

If you do not know rails and want to learn, I would start here

If you have the money to pay someone to build you a site like Instagram, you are going to have to have to have revenue to deploy the site and keep
it running, if it was to get users that is.

Deploying a rails application can be a complicated task especially if your site is getting a lot of daily users.

Is it possible ? Absolutely

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The core functionality of Instagram you could bang out in a couple days, 80% of the other features in a couple weeks, and the last few bits in a couple months. Making it scale like Instagram takes a team of database engineers, maintenance and devops folks, admins, support staff, and lots and lots of cash.

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I bet that if you had a good team of developers, you could probably get the code finished in about 3 to 4 months.